Available the new Dedication file. It is a particular data base inside the larger EDIT16 data base. The joint elements between Titles and Dedications files are their identifier numbers. At the moment the data base contains some 810 dedication records relating to XVIth century Italian authors editions.

For the list of the authors and the library collections preserving those editions in which the dedications are held click here



EDIT16 has begun a research of the digital collections relating to XVIth century editions and therefore is creating the links to the digital copies already existing in the WEB.

In the syntetic list of titles and in the full records, the icon Copia digitale: accesso da Localizzazioni. Il link segue la denominazione della Biblioteca proprietaria. indicates the presence of digitalized copies. In the Title search it is possible to search the editions with access to digitalized copies (this element can be used alone or arranged with the other elements). At the moment we have created some 350 links to digital copies.

For the list of the accessible digital collections in EDIT16 click here



For further information we give some less important updatings of the last OPAC version:


In the Title search the keyword search has been added. You can type more words in and/or. The search is carried out on all bibliographic description fields.


In the Title search the date of creation search has been added. This enables the user to find records created either in a particular date, or before or after a certain date.


In the Title full record the places of publications are been added. They are followed, in brackets, by any attribution (false, uncertain).


In the Title full record the information, in brackets, of any attribution to publisher (false, uncertain, controversial) has been added.


In the Title full record the information of the device position has been added (in Italian, e.g.: sul front., in fine etc.)


In the Title full record the access to dedications has been added. Clicking the word Dedication the syntetic list of the dedications linked to the bibliographic record is visualized.


In the Images visualization the caption has been added (in Italian, e.g.: Frontespizio, Colophon etc.) besides the indication of the copyright of owner Library.



The use of Fingerprint is largely diffused all over Europe, particularly in Italy. Its use is of fundamental help in authomatized collective cataloguing. In EDIT16 it has a great important role for the identification of editions, issues and variants. Thus, in our site, we have created e particular section reserved to fingerprint.

It is possible to consult, in PDF format, the rules relating to fingerprint (Rules and Examples) and the issues of Nouvelles des Empreints and Notiziario dell'impronta. Moreover, it is possible to consult a bibliography relating to publications and papers about fingerprint.



Available the new section Bibliographic Review which includes publications and papers relating to EDIT16 and offers a bibliographic view of the fundamental steps of the census of ancient library holdings in Italy. The section Publications includes the publications edited by EDIT16.